Amanda s Story

Summerville, SC USA


"I attempted suicide when I was only 9 years old. I didn’t realize at that point that I was depressed, but clearly I was by my actions.


I had a few panic attacks in my early teens, but it wasn’t until I began cosmetology school that I felt true anxiety. There was a strict policy about not being even one minute late. Traffic caused me to be a few minutes late one day and I had a panic attack in my car and another during school.


I ended up taking a leave of absence for the full two months we were allowed, in order to help my mental health get under control. It was then that I started taking antidepressants and eventually did return to finish out school.


I’ve since gone through ups-and-downs with my depression and anxiety. As of recently, I am back to taking antidepressant medications. I don’t shy away from sharing my story because I know how much others helped me when I first finally shared of my struggles.


You just have to find the right method of treatment for you. Whether that be a natural method, antidepressants, therapy, meditation, etc. I know this is something I will struggle with off-and-on for my entire life, but at least now I have a grasp on what will and won’t help me when I have low points.


My advice is to not keep it to yourself. Share, so you can have the love and support of others who have lived through similar situations.


I can’t imagine not being on earth the past 20 years since first wanting to end my life. So much good has happened and I am so glad that I didn’t miss any of it."