Celene's Story

Charleston, SC USA

"When talking about mental illnesses, most people assume it means that they can be noticed externally and typically include psychotic actions. My story, although, is different and starts with my struggle of depression and anxiety. Both of these illnesses became so crippling that I missed countless days of school and lost all of my closest friends.


I developed a serious eating disorder that my life started to revolve around. Alcohol and drugs became my identity that I hid behind because I was in so much pain. I was officially known as a alcoholic and drug addict. But, little did I know at the time that this was not my true identity and I was worth much more.


I received treatment and have been on medicine to help my mentality. Understanding that you can't do it by yourself and not being embarrassed to show your true-self to the world is the most important thing you can do to help in recovery.


You never know what someone is going through. Therefore, keeping an open mind to someone's struggles and encouraging them to seek help will do more than you can ever imagine.


Keep your head up and take it step-by-step!"