Lauren s Story


“The year I turned 17, was the year I lost myself. The year I turned 17, was me having my first real boyfriend ever. The year I turned 17, was the year I experienced domestic violence and saw my life constantly flash before my eyes.

Now, in 2016, I am 20 years old, a junior in college and this being a little over three years since all of that, this is the third year I have been suffering from PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Depression. I never thought I would be experiencing all of this when I turned 17.

I have always been so outgoing and social, laughing and cracking jokes. You would never guess I was ever struggling, and nobody would ever guess the pain and suffering I felt for so long on the inside.

I have always been good at hiding my past from everyone, even from myself. But when the mental illnesses developed from my traumatic past, I thought life was over. I felt as if people looked at me differently. I hated looking in the mirror.

This all started as a freshman in college. I struggled hard, I was in a really dark place, didn’t know who I was, and knew I couldn’t express my feelings around all of the new people I was meeting and becoming friends with. I just knew if I told them they would stop talking to me.

Today, those people are still my friends. Today, I still suffer with those mental illnesses. Today, I have admitted I need help and I got it. I go to a therapist every week. It’s awesome.

Today, I feel strong, I feel courageous. Today, I’ll tell anyone my story. But tomorrow is a new day, where I still suffer from my problems, but where I know I can continue building from the day before. With this, I have become my own superhero.”