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I Ended My Relationship to Take Time for Myself

Blog Post Written By: Kendall Welch

In September of 2017, I started dating the most amazing boy I have ever met. He was nothing but good to me. I could tell him absolutely anything and he would never judge me. He always wanted to help me.

We never had any fights or problems, but around Thanksgiving, my depression was getting so bad that I knew I needed to change something. I ended up breaking up with him around that time, and although he was sad, he said he was willing to do anything to help me feel better.

I had Thanksgiving and Christmas break to myself and I finally was taking antidepressants to help get rid of my intrusive thoughts. I talked to my psychiatrist about it and he told me that, after a few weeks of taking the pills, the intrusive thoughts would go away.

After a few weeks, near the end of January, I asked my boyfriend if he was willing to date me again, and he had no hesitation in saying yes. Things are going fantastically now. I am so lucky that he was so supportive of me and was willing to give me the time I needed to better myself.

The moral of the story is to really make sure that you take time for yourself if you need it, and if your significant other does not support you, they don’t care enough. I’m so lucky to be in such a healthy relationship in which my boyfriend cares about me more than he cares about us

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