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Alexandra s Story

Ontario, Canada


"I've struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. It has only become worse and more prominent throughout high school and in my early years at my university. I remember being a young child and feeling like the world was crushing me.


I never understood mental illness until recent years. I often feel bad for having anxiety. I feel like I drag my friends and family down or burden them with my thoughts. It's always easier to just hold them in and push them down. I think to myself 'It's not a big deal. Stop worrying about it'. But, when the time comes, those thoughts explode and you can't hold it in anymore.


My mind was like an iPod- my thoughts on a constant shuffle with the volume on full blast. There were times where I contemplated suicide just to make those damn thoughts and worries stop. Last winter I attempted it. Many of my friends didn't understand. I was silently screaming for anyone to help me. I was drowning in my own mind.


Now, a year later, I am still struggling with anxiety, but I know how to control and how to deal with it. I am in therapy, I know my triggers, and I know what I can do to help myself be a better person.


Anxiety is something I know I'll always have, but it's how we to deal with it that makes a difference. I choose to wake up every day and be thankful that I am still here because I know many people haven't had the chance to get the help they deserve."


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