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Caroline s Story

Mendham, NJ USA


"I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life. But, four years ago, my freshman year of college was when depression creeped up on me.


Freshman year, I was eight hours away from home struggling with the pressures of college along with playing a sport. If you didn’t know me personally, you would think I was loving college based on my Instagram. But, the one thing people did not know was that I was severely depressed.


I would find myself crying almost everyday and begging my parents to take me home. Only my family and my close friends knew of this. Even then, it was hard to express to them why I was so depressed.


Depression isn’t something you can just 'get over.' When people ask 'Why are you depressed?' you simply cannot explain it unless you have been through it or are currently struggling with it.


I saw all of my friends' photos and it seemed like they were having the time of their lives. When in reality, it was their edited lives...


College is supposed to be the 'best four years of your life', but for me it started off as the worst year of my life.


If you were to tell me four years ago today I would be opening up and sharing my story of my mental illnesses, I would not believe you, but here I am. Although I continue to struggle with anxiety and depression everyday, my illness does not define me, rather my strength and courage to carry on does."

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