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Chandler s Story


“My father’s side of the family is known for their genetic predisposition to mental illnesses. I was diagnosed with my mental illnesses of depression and anxiety when I was 18 years old. And, I was relieved.


I was happy to know that there was a real reason for why I felt the way I felt, instead of continuing to feel like I was crazy. My diagnosis helped me come to terms with all of the things that had happened to me.

The last time I tried to commit suicide was my freshman year of college. There was just something so earth shattering about waking up from my own attempted death- knowing that I couldn’t accomplish dying was even more depressing at the time…

I talk to a therapist at my college and I also joined an organization on my campus, which is a group of student volunteers who talk with classmates who are struggling and who are in need of a confidential and non-judgmental environment. The organization taught me many coping skills to help myself and others. I also take medication to help with my serotonin levels, and I talk to my friends.

There is definitely a stigma surrounding mental illness. It makes it hard for people to try to get help or even talk about what is going on in their lives. But, my advice to someone currently silently suffering is that you are normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little help.”

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