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Colleen s Story

Toronto, Ontario Canda


"The tiniest thing would set me off. I had been closing myself off from feelings that were secretly haunting me for so long. I went from telling everyone I was self-content and finally happy with myself, to shutting down and being unable to perform the simplest daily activity, like eating or getting up to go to the bathroom.


As a person who had always identified as the silly, carefree, or happy one, I thought people wouldn't be able to grasp just how severely depressed and anxious I was, and had really always been.


It took 8 months, and a lot of dedication of listening to my body and mind, instead of ignoring those warning signs, to say that I am finally able to feel like 'myself' again. I am no longer embarrassed of the self-trials I have had to overcome, and have tried to kick-start any discussion involving mental health and will never stop.

Without reaching out to my support system of family, friends and my boyfriend, I would have never believed I could get better and would get better. And now I'm here, more hopeful for the future than ever, because I admitted I needed help and will continue to promote constant discussion.


Your illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It makes you stronger every single day."

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