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Nicole's Story

Allentown, PA USA

"I had a traumatic experience when I was 14-years-old, which then caused a non-existing relationship with my mother. I was brought up being told that I could not talk about anything and that I was not allowed to show any emotions. So, that’s what I did.


I started feeling depressed the summer after I graduated high school and it went down from there...

From the ages 18 to 23, my depression became worse and I developed an eating disorder. I suffered in silence for five long years until I was forced to seek help. I realized what I experienced when I was younger had a huge impact on how I am today because I never dealt with it.


I am now currently dealing with all of the emotions, pain, and loss that I should have dealt with back then. I have been self-destructive for twelve years and didn't know anything else, between my eating disorder, substance abuse, and self-harm.


I have tried so many different types of therapy. I attempted suicide once and I almost lost everything.


I have recently been able to come forward to others about my story because it is my goal to help raise awareness for others who haven’t found their voice yet. I don’t want anyone to feel how I felt during my darkest times. It’s my mission to encourage others to be able to speak up and realize tomorrow might not be as bad as today."

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