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Suicide is currently the 2nd leading cause of death in 15-24 year olds in the United States. To combat this social issue, Lost Got Found developed the High School Mental Health Toolkit to educate students about mental illness and suicide prevention.

The curriculum was created by Emily Torchiana, the Founder of Lost Got Found. To ensure its safety and accuracy, five expert psychologists from around the country reviewed and contributed to the curriculum.

There are four modules, each lasting 45-50 minutes long, addressing topics including, but not limited to, the stigma of mental health, mental illness, positive vs. negative self-talk, coping skills, and suicide prevention.

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The Four Modules are:

  • Module 1: An Introduction Into Mental Health (45 minutes)

    • The objective of this module is to get a baseline understanding of what the students currently know about the topic of mental health and to create a discussion about the general topic of stigma and mental illnesses.

  • Module 2: Diving Deeper Into Mental Health (45 minutes)

    • The objective of this module is to understand the continuum of mental health, discuss specific mental illnesses, and positive vs. negative self-talk.

  • Module 3: Our Own Mental Health (45 minutes)

    • The objective of this module is to discuss topics related to our personal mental health, such as our ideal vs. actual self, as well as learning that we each have our own story.

  • Module 4: How Can We Help Others? (50 minutes)

    • The objective of this module is to shed light on positive vs. negative coping skills, learn the warning signs and risk factors associated with suicide, and provide ways to help someone currently struggling.

The cost of each toolkit "box" is $125.00 (+ shipping costs), which has enough supplies for 25 students. The toolkit includes a facilitator guide for the instructor, workbooks for each student, and the supplies needed for the activities.

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