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Lost Got Found Founder, Emily Torchiana, travels around the country educating students about mental illness and suicide prevention, acting as the facilitator. The workshop can last between 1-3 hours long, depending on the school's needs, addressing topics such as the stigma of mental health, myths vs. facts about mental illness, coping skills, and suicide prevention lessons.


Ideal Audience Size: no more than 100 students, so they can easily be broken up into small groups for activities and discussions

Ideal Age Group: high school & college students (we have also hosted workshops for company Lunch-and-Learns)

Ideal Setting: open space where students can sit together in small groups (such as a classroom, auditorium, gymnasium)

Timing: Between 1-3 hours long, depending on the school's needs

Pricing: Price varies as it is dependent on travel costs, stay accommodations, and speaking honorarium

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